Dear Friends of F.l.S.H.,

We have had an interesting first half of 2016. The total number of people served during this period was 28,410. This is just over 100 people more than the same period in 2015. What is more interesting is that the number of households served for the first 6 months of the year was 7,755, exactly the same as in 2015. Children served were 10,892, just under 40% of the total clients for the period. The largest month for the period was June at 4,892 folks. We believe that this is at least partially because school is now out of session and low income people are having to provide lunches daily for their children.

For the last several years, we have been experiencing a significant drop in the food donations we receive in May from the Postal Carriers food drive. This past May was the lowest total in memory with a total of 8,448 pounds received. Several years ago, we received more than 30,000 pounds in one food drive. If you or your organization is considering collecting food to donate to F.I.S.H. this summer, we would request that you collect items that would help families provide nutritious lunches for their children. While we get good amounts of fresh fruit from our donating grocers, we would appreciate more during this period.

There are two fundraisers to benefit F.1.S.H. being held during August. First, the Odd Fellows Lodge in Santa Rosa is holding a Chili Cook-Off on Saturday, August 13. Odd Fellows is asking F.I.S.H. volunteers and supporters to lend a hand in a couple of ways to make the fundraiser a success. If you have a chili dish you are proud of, they need more cooks who would be willing to prepare the dish to be served the event attendees beginning at noon. There will be judging for the best chili. An entry form can be downloaded at And, of course, if you can't make some chili for the event, they would like you to come and enjoy the lunch. More details are available on our website under "Events" or on our Facebook page.

On Thursday, August 25th, a one day fundraiser is being held at the Round Table Pizza located at 1003 Guerneville Road in Santa Rosa (next to Men's Warehouse). 15% of dine-in or take-out food orders during the day will be donated to F.I.S.H. In order for a donation to come to F.1.S.H., at the time you order, you must either show the server or counter clerk a paper copy of the flyer that has been prepared, show the flyer downloaded on your phone or just mention that you are a supporter of F.I.S.H. of Santa Rosa. As above, you will find the flyer on our website listed above or on our Facebook page. Also, a link to the flyer can be found at  As always, we are thankful for all the wonderful support from you and our community.

F.l.S.H. Board of Directors

Jeanne-Marie Jones, Director

F.l.S.H. of Santa Rosa is an independent all-volunteer non-profit serv
ing Sonoma County since 1972


Dear Friends of F.I.S.H.,

At F.I.S.H. of Santa Rosa, most years are eventful and 2016 was no exception. During the year, we helped to feed a little above 58,000 people in just over 15,700 households. This was very similar to 2015. While the number of children in the households served remained just under 40%, seniors served increased 13%. However, total poundage of food given our clients increased substantially to just under 750,000 pounds, a record amount. The biggest reason for this was a large increase in food donated by some grocers and the Redwood Empire Food Bank. This increase of donated food from these organizations during 2016 was over 125,000 pounds. WOW! Obviously, this resulted in a substantial increase in good well balanced food for our clients last year. Our thanks to the Redwood Empire Food Bank for the increased donations of fresh produce this past year. They donated almost 100,000 pounds of free food.

Our Holiday Meats program was again very successful. During the four plus days each in November and December 743 families with over 3,000 folks received a turkey or other meat for the holidays. Our thanks to those of you who donated money or turkeys for this program. One of our grocers donated more than 60 turkeys. We spent almost $9,000 purchasing holiday meats. For the first time in memory, we had turkeys left over and made some clients happy just before New Year's.

Our money donations for our food account during 2016 were very good. Our food purchases during the year amounted to $65,000. Our donations for rent and overhead were $10,000 less than our rent and overhead costs of $25,000.

As stated above, our food donations from grocers were our best ever. We depend on these donations in order to regularly provide meat, dairy and a good amount of fresh produce to our clients. We would like to highlight some of the grocers who donate substantial amounts of this food. Trader Joe's on Cleveland Ave. is our largest contributor of food and two Whole Foods stores (Yulupa & Coddingtown) along with Safeway on Mendocino Ave. are large food donors. Others include two Target stores (Coddingtown & Rohnert Park) and Grocery Outlet in Santa Rosa. All of these grocers and, others, are a big part of why F.I.S.H. is able to provide such a lot of wholesome food to our clients. We are very grateful for the generosity of these grocers.

As always, we are so grateful to all of the wonderful organizations and people in this community who help us do what we do to help needy people Thank you all.

​F.l.S.H. Board of Directors

Jeanne-Marie Jones, Director

F.l.S.H. of Santa Rosa is an independent all-volunteer non-profit serving Sonoma County since 1972​


Dear Friends of F.I.S.H.,

F.I.S.H. of Santa Rosa served almost exactly the same number of people so far in 2016 as we did in the first 9 months of 2015. Total people served during the first 9 months of 2016 were 42,638 in 11,644 households. Children served were 16,311, just under 40%. We have experienced an almost 10% increase in seniors served this year.

There are a number of faith and other organizations that hold regular food drives    to help support F.1.S.H. in our efforts to help feed the hungry in our community. In the last year or so, we have attempted to regularly provide or increase the amounts of high protein items in our client's food bags. Because of cost, we do not regularly provide such items as canned tuna or soup unless these items are donated. There is at least one faith organization that annually holds a "Souper Bowl" canned soup collection during the month of February that provides several hundred cans of soup for our clients. We would be grateful if any group or individuals would occasionally collect and donate canned tuna or soup to help us in this effort.

Our Board has decided to again offer our "Holiday Meats" program to existing clients this year. Beginning just prior to Thanksgiving as well as just prior to the December holiday season, we will be offering our holiday meats to existing clients in addition to our normal food items. While we depend on donations of frozen turkeys for this program, we also purchase additional turkeys, hams and whole chickens. Last year, we spent about $8,000 as we provided these additional meats to almost 1,000 households. We are grateful to G & G Market for providing these meats at discounted prices. Donations of frozen turkeys or funds to purchase holiday meats for this year's program would be appreciated.   If you send us a money donation, please designate on your check where you would like your donation applied.

In addition to hundreds of individual money and food donors, F.I.S.H. receives a substantial amount of support from institutional donors such as grocers, faith organizations, businesses and Grantor's. In future newsletters, we will highlight these organizations. We continue to be very grateful for all the support we receive from this community in order to help us feed the hungry.

​F.l.S.H. Board of Directors

Jeanne-Marie Jones, Director

F.l.S.H. of Santa Rosa is an independent all-volunteer non-profit serving Sonoma County since 1972

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