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F.I.S.H. Home Delivery Pilot Program

F.I.S.H. Home Delivery Pilot Program

F.I.S.H.'s Deputy Director Spreads the Word

F.I.S.H. Luvs

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Pictured above are F.I.S.H. client Donna Harding (L) and volunteer Carolyn Maurer.  Donna lives in the Vintage Zinfandel Senior Apartments in Santa Rosa and happily signed up for our Home Delivery Pilot program.  We are learning a lot about delivering food as we slowly add new elderly and disabled clients to our program. We're delighted to have the experience of Carolyn, who participated in a similar program at a food pantry in Petaluma.

Dennis Hansen, F.I.S.H.'s Deputy Director, meets with Santa Rosa's 1st United Methodist Church's Anna Circle to discuss local hunger issues and F.I.S.H.'s efforts to alleviate that problem. On Dennis's right is Marsha Vas Dupre, a member of the circle and long-time F.I.S.H. supporter. Perhaps it's more accurate to say all the attendees were long-time F.I.S.H. supporters: there was a woman present who remembers when F.I.S.H. started at that church 43 years ago.

A big thanks to Santa Rosa's Dutch Bros. Coffee for their wonderful "Dutch Luv" Valentine's Day fundraiser for F.I.S.H. Pictured above is F.I.S.H. Managing Director and loyal Dutch Bros. customer, Jeanne-Marie Jones, showing off her Dutch Bros. traveling mug. 

Santa Rosa's Bethlehem Lutheran Church collects food for F.I.S.H. every week.  But, during Lent, the congregation goes all out by forgoing flowers at the altar, choosing instead to adorn it with "flour", a practical show of the church's commitment to fighting hunger.  This year, the congregation donated over 1000 lbs. of food for the needy during the 40 days of Lent. Pictured above is Tom Ziegler, who for many years has delivered the weekly donations to F.I.S.H.

Flour instead of Flowers at Bethlehem Lutheran Church